17th April 2019

A week away at Easter time, staying at Clachtoll campsite provided a couple of opportunities for sea kayaking journeys along the Sutherland coastline.

Sutherland is one of my favourite sea kayaking areas and Clachtoll campsite makes for a great base for a number of paddles.

The early part of the week had been stiff easterly winds which most definitely do not allow for kayaking in this part of the world. However, the forecast was for the wind to die down and by Wednesday we were looking at getting onto the water.

Launching from Clachnessie beach, the idea was to paddle across to Eilean Chrona and from there, tuck round the north side of Oldany Island and then to Culkein Drumbeg. From there, the possibilities were to carry on for a while or to return through the channel on the south side of Oldany Island and back to Clashnessie beach.

The photograph above shows the fabulous beach at Mol Ban, our lunch stop for the day. The Sutherland coastline doesn’t allow for many places to land but Mol Ban far exceeded our expectations as it’s just such a beautiful spot.

Enjoy the photographs below and if you would like to see the views in context, the interactive Google map will allow you to follow the journey and to view the photographs from each of the points.

The interactive Google map below traces the route of the journey. Pan and zoom to points of interest and click on the markers to see the individual photographs.

Leaving Clashnessie Bay and the views back into a stunning location.

Having paddled along the rugged Sutherland coast for a while, soon it was time to head northwards and the short 2km paddle out to Eilean Chrona.

Quinag, one of the iconic Sutherland hills dominated our view for most of the day. With multi tops to the hill, there are great viewpoints from each of the tops over the west coast.

There were also plans to paddle around the Point of Stoer and past the Old Man of Stoer, but that was for the following day…!! The Point of Stoer needs calm weather to kayak around it, but conditions were shaping up well.

Looking out into Edrachilles Bay and towards Quinag.

Finding our way into the lunch stop at Mol Ban beach required skirting a number of skerries but the beach is definitely worth it as a landing. Beautiful white sands and clear water into the sandy bay below.

There are superb views both looking into the beach and looking outwards towards Drumbeg and Quinag.

A beach panorama with the bothy at Mol Ban and the views towards Quinag.

View the high resolution panorama

I’m not sure of the history of this picturesque bothy but it’s in good condition and, as you can see, has stunning views.

Mol Ban panorama

View the high resolution panorama

Mol Ban panorama

View the high resolution panorama

Kayaks on the beach at Mol Ban and soon it was time to leave and head towards Drumbeg, before turning back towards Clachnessie

A panoramic photograph of the western end of Oldany Island with Eilean Chrona in the distance.

The natural rock arch north of Clachnessie in contrast to the man made support to the B969, just past Clashnessie.

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