In addition to my extensive experience in panoramic and landscape photography, I am a fully qualified, commercial UAS (drone) pilot with many years of flying experience.


Blending my specialist photography skills with creative aerial perspectives has allowed me to develop unique, immersive photography capabilities. My interactive viewpoints are extremely well suited to today’s world, where remote, immersive, virtual viewing is now essential to so many aspects of life.


Harness the benefits of aerial photography to:

  • Showcase your world from unique and striking perspectives
  • Provide interactive panoramic vistas and views
  • Integrate aerial imagery into virtual tours
  • Provide immersive and interactive experiences, rich in features and interest.


With a background of many years experience of managing surveys and Geographic Information Systems, I have also developed my own aerial survey and mapping protocols for land and forestry projects. From survey and interpretation to mapping and topographic modelling, all backed up with over 30 years of experience.


Utilise the capabilities of drones to:

  • Reduce your survey costs
  • Capture information quickly and accurately
  • Maintain a digital workflow from acquisition to report
  • Add value to surveys and reports

I was delighted to feature in the LNER Virtual Tours web page during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. My Black Isle Aerial Virtual Tour was presented as one of the UK “virtual days out” providing a taste of the Scottish Outdoors. It’s also a superb illustration of the power of virtual experiences, featuring not only the Black Isle Tour but The British Museum. Kew Gardens, Buckingham Palace  and the Palace of Holyrood House, among many others.


Aerial photography works on every scale – from picking up on detail to featuring big landscapes and vistas. If you’re inspired to harness the benefits of aerial photography, then contact me and we can plan your idea through to completion.

I’m also available for a wide range of other aerial photography projects, including:

  • Property Inspections
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Travel and Tourism

Please contact me for further information and to discuss your own requirements.

To find out more, please call me on 07780 787034 or use the Contact Button below to send me an email:


Specialist 360° panoramic photography, virtual tours and virtual reality

Fully qualified and insured CAA Approved UAS (Drone) Pilot with comprehensive CAA Permission for Commercial Operations.